About Labs

The phrase "Wisdom of Crowds" refers to the idea that if each individual's personal experience and knowledge is combined with many others' and sifted correctly, we can gain better answers than from an individual acting alone.

Labs is all about the "Wisdom of Crowds": understanding how we can share and structure thousands of people's individual opinions, ideas, knowledge and experience - in all their variety - to get better answers. Using formats that we hope will be fun and engaging, we will conduct daily experiments to find out what thousands of independent minds working together can really achieve. Labs is all about making more of our great human potential, building something new and valuable out of your willingness to participate.

We will try to identify new musical talent. Create a movie. Make a manifesto. Discover new things in fashion, art, and media.  Explore the relationship between fans and the sports they love. Find out new things about how we think and behave. Develop a new 'recommend engine'. Sometimes we will work with experts or celebrities, politicians or artists, scientists or writers. But most of the direction will come directly from you: you yourself will be able to help run and develop YouGov Labs.

Labs is not polling, it's not market research. There are no clients. There are no incentives except for the pure pleasure of sharing, comparing and discovering. It's transparent, it's experimental. Everything we discover will be reported back to inform and progress the Wisdom of the Crowds.

Please take part. Let's help each other do something new.