2020 YouGov BrandIndex Customer Loyalty Rankings 

2020 YouGov BrandIndex Customer Loyalty Rankings show that Emirates, Almarai and Carrefour have the most loyal customers in the UAE, KSA and Egypt, respectively. The rankings are measured using reconsideration scores amongst customers of the each brand.

Along with top 10 brands, these rankings also reveal the top 10 most improved brands i.e "brands that have registered the largest improvement to their loyalty score in the past year". Majid Al Futtaim, Al Raya and Jumia.com have topped the list of most improved brands in the UAE, KSA and Egypt respectively.


The 1731 brands in YouGov BrandIndex were ranked using the Consideration score amongst the brands’ own Current Customers. By looking at what proportion of a brand’s own customers would consider their own brand the next time in they are in the market, we can understand how loyal a brand’s customers are.  Each brand is ranked according to the performance of their Consideration score (among the current customers) in BrandIndex, which is calculated by asking respondents daily.

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Discover the winners and improvers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Within the top 10 in the UAE, the biggest movers were Lurpak, a new entry at tenth up from fifteenth last year, and Dettol, up to sixth this year from tenth last year. Click here to view the list of top 10 improver brands in UAE.

Customer Loyalty Rankings

Emirates has emerged as the biggest mover by making a new entry into the Saudi Arabia's list in seventh, up from fifteenth last year. Saudia’s strong loyalty among Saudi customers landed it the second place in the 2020 rankings. Click here to view the list of top 10 improver brands in Saudi Arabia.


In Egypt, the biggest movers were Dettol, up from thirteenth to sixth, and the National Bank of Egypt, which has made an entry into top 10 rankings this year, at ninth. Click here to view the list of top 10 improver brands in Egypt.


YouGov BrandIndex 2020 Customer Loyalty Rankings

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