About YouGov Omnibus

Omnibus is a powerful tool which allows you to draw out invaluable consumer and market intelligence in a manner that is quick, insightful, and cost-efficient.

It's an online research service which surveys representative national cross-sections or custom groups of the adult online population, twice a week across 19 countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan. 

You pay by the question so you can run as many or as few questions as you wish in any country, and it lets multiple clients run survey research at the same time, all of which make the service highly cost-effective.

How do businesses use Omnibus?

New Product Testing 

Product testing
& market response

Concept Testing 

Concept testing

Crisis Management Tracking 

Crisis management

Campaign feedback 

Campaign feedback

Generating PR stories 

PR Stories

Advertising / sponsorship tracking 

Advertising/ sponsorship tracking

Public opinion tracking 

Public opinion tracking

Pricing strategy testing 

Pricing strategy testing

Brand awareness 

Brand & product awareness

Included as standard

  • Questionnaire design, Arabic translation and data delivered as excel tables.
  • Analysis provided by gender, age, region, children in household, working status and marital status.
  • Standard questions allow up to 10 answer options, or three statements answered against a scale.
  • Additional answer options and analysis are available upon request.
  • Add imagery and videos FREE.

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Email: sales.mena@yougov.com