2016 Real Estate Barometer: Attitudes towards real estate investment from home buyers and investors in the GCC & Egypt

Real Estate Barometer 2016

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YouGov has partnered with market leading real estate conference and exhibition Cityscape Global to conduct a brand new study into attitudes towards real estate investment amongst home buyers and investors living in the GCC and Egypt.

To gain a deeper understanding of current and future market sentiment and investment considerations within the region’s commercial and residential real estate landscape, the inaugural 2016 Real Estate Barometer captures opinion from respondents who have recently purchased a property or who are looking to invest in a property in the next 12 months.

The findings shed light on respondents':

  • Financial aspirations
  • Past and future sentiment towards real estate
  • Macro considerations for real estate investment 
  • Micro appeal for real estate investment 
  • Perceived real estate market gaps 
  • Geographical considerations

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