YouGov Travel & Tourism Research

YouGov Travel & Tourism Research

YouGov has a dedicated and highly experienced travel & tourism research team. With customers including premiere destination management and tourism organizations, airlines and hotels across the Middle East region, we have comprehensive knowledge of the travel & tourism landscape as well as consumers’ needs, attitudes and habits.

Using a wide range of quantitative, qualitative, offline and online tools and methodologies, our team has a proven track record in conducting strategic and large scale studies both regionally and internationally, including:

  • Usage & Attitudes
  • Brand Health Tracking
  • Brand Equity & Positioning
  • Ad and Communication Testing
  • Visitor, Customer & Guest Satisfaction Tracking
  • Concept Testing
  • Visitor, Customer & Guest Segmentation & Profiling
  • Event & Festival Evaluation
  • Consumer Perception

Ready-profiled Travel & Tourism Data in MENA

We start with what we already know

YouGov continuously builds and monitors consumer behaviour towards travel & tourism amongst thousands of people from across the MENA region.

As such, we have constant access to fresh, ready-profiled comprehensive data which enables us to conduct very specific studies according to client needs.

In many circumstances, we may already have the data our clients are searching for without conducting an entirely new study from scratch.

We currently hold the following information about consumers in the region:

  • Key Demographics (Age, Gender, Marital Status, Income, Family Status)
  • Travel Profiling (Trip Frequency, Hotel Stays, Travel Class, Destinations)
  • Travel Drivers
  • Interests & Experiences
  • Planning & Booking Channels
  • Media Consumption
  • Social Media Usage

Looking for a quick way to survey business and leisure travellers in MENA?

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