YouGov DestinationIndex

Destination metrics for destination marketers

YouGov DestinationIndex tracks public perception of the world's most popular hotspots. Want to know what people really think of your destination? Do you know who your most likely visitors are? What’s the best way to reach them? It's time to find out for certain.

Quality tourist destinations have impactful and informed brand strategies. YouGov DestinationIndex provides you with key data and analytics that inform your strategy, and ultimately gives you the power to influence travellers' perception of your destination in real time. It offers the only daily measure of how you and your competitors are performing in the eyes of would be travellers.

We currently track public perception of 120+ tourist destinations across 25 markets. 




Track your daily performance

Monitor the public perception of your tourist destination daily across 16 different measures.

Track perception against your competitors

Benchmark your success against your goals, your competitors, and your entire market.

Activate your informed strategy

Activate highly informed and targeted campaigns linked to robust, daily consumer perception of your brand.


Key Features

  1. Daily Tracking
    We ask the public for their views on your destination EVERY DAY with no lag in reporting.
  2. Filters
    Data can be filtered to see the views of thousands of audience segments. Understand precisely how each target audience segment responds to your brand and marketing campaigns.
  3. Formats
    Data can be displayed in multiple formats line, bar, bubble and radar charts, ranking table, even spreadsheets to suit your assessment needs.
  4. Time Scaling
    An adjustable time window allows you to look at micro responses with a short-term perspective or macro changes over the long term. Customisable to suit any strategic requirement.
  5. Exports
    All charts and granular data are exportable in a range of formats for use in your own reports or further analysis.
  6. Dashboard View
    Customisable preset views can display multiple analyses for your most important perspectives. All information is updated daily and is fully interactive for instant adjustments as you need.


Client Uses

  • Measure and track the visit consideration rate of your destination as well as your competitors.
  • Discover where your destination has the most/least appeal.
  • Rank the status of your destination on prestige, quality and value compared to those of others.
  • Understand the factors generating conversation about your destination.
  • Track long term visitor trends and understand their underlying causes.
  • Quantify the effect that events, festivals, and crises have on your destination appeal.
  • Assess how consumer behaviours and underlying attitudes can impact the perception of your brand.
  • Target respondents with bespoke follow up questions.
  • Assess your brand strategy/campaign performance and adjust accordingly.

Destination metrics for destination marketers

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