Almarai tops YouGov’s 2020 Best Brand Rankings in KSA

Almarai tops YouGov’s 2020 Best Brand Rankings in KSA


  • The much-loved Saudi dairy company has the best brand health amongst KSA residents
  • Homegrown brands such as Almarai, Al Baik, Saudia and mada lead the brand rankings this year
  • mada has moved up five places to fourth within the top 10 brands
  • Google takes the top spot for best brand globally alongside tech giants WhatsApp, YouTube, Samsung and Amazon

Almarai has dethroned Al Baik to become the top-ranked brand in YouGov’s 2020 Best Brand Rankings for Saudi Arabia (50.0). Al Baik, drops to second rank (49.1) despite seeing its own brand health improve by a significant 2 points from the same time last year.

The rankings were based on the Index score from YouGov BrandIndex, which is a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend and Reputation1.

The top 10 list this year is dominated by homegrown brands, highlighting the strength of local brands within the kingdom amidst the challenging times. 

Despite having a travel ban on international flights since March, due to the pandemic, Saudia has made a notable improvement to its brand perception and climbed up three places to come third (47.5) in the rankings.

Likewise, mada has also made large strides over the past year and has moved up five places to fourth in this year’s list (43.7). Amidst the pandemic, Dettol has consolidated its position and climbed up from tenth in 2019 to eighth in the 2020 rankings (41.1).

Digital power brands YouTube, WhatsApp and Google have not witnessed much change to their scores; however, they have all moved down two places each in this year’s rankings - to fifth (43.3), sixth (41.7) and seventh (41.7), respectively.

Apple has slipped down two spots to ninth (40.8), while its competitor- Samsung has re-entered the list in tenth, after falling out of it last year (39.6).  

The rankings also show the brands which have improved the most over the past 12 months. STC Saudi Telecom is the most improved brand of 2020, with a change in score of +8.4.

Mobily, another telecoms provider, also feature in the top 10 improvers as customers rely on telecommunication devices and services more and more during a year that has involved much social distancing and remote working.

Majid Al Futtaim, the UAE based diversified holding company, has landed the second-best improver ranking, with a change in score of +6.2, followed by, highlighting the regional ecommerce ecosystem that’s gone from strength to strength in the challenging past year.

Saudi Arabia’s improvers list has multiple food and beverage brands such as KFC (+4.8), McDonald’s (+4.6), Pepsi (+3.9), and Red Bull (+3.3), all showing improvements during the course of the last year.

In addition to being one of the top 10 brands in the 2020 rankings, Saudia is also one of the top 10 improvers, with a change in score of +4.5. Bank Albilad with an uplift of 3.3 points on its previous years score also features in the top 10.

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Tech companies dominate the global best brand rankings

YouGov also released this year’s annual global best brands rankings with Google taking the top spot. Tech brands dominate the top of the list with the search and advertising giant followed by WhatsApp, YouTube, Samsung and Amazon.

With Netflix and Facebook in sixth and seventh respectively, the only non-tech-related brands in the top ten are Singaporean ecommerce platform Shopee (eighth), Swedish retailer IKEA (ninth) and US sportswear titan Nike (tenth).

YouGov BrandIndex conducts 8 million interviews across the world every year who answer questions about a company’s quality, value and their level of satisfaction with the brand, among other measures. YouGov BrandIndex operates in over 40 countries across the globe, covering markets in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Australasia.

For this year’s global list, YouGov used data from 33 markets – data from countries that cover three sectors or fewer were not counted in the top 10.

Digital brands dominate the global ranking and with good reason. By their very nature the likes of Google, YouTube, and WhatsApp are available in most places on Earth to anyone with internet access. However, while much of the list has only been around for the last couple of decades, classic brands IKEA and Nike that have been around a good while longer also make the list.

Commenting on the research, Scott Booth, Head of Data Products and Services MENA at YouGov said, “For the first time in our rankings in Saudi Arabia, the top 4 slots are occupied by Saudi-born brands. Additionally, four of the top ten most improved brands were Saudi. The trend is clear to see and as Saudi Arabia continues to open itself to the world, it’s interesting to see how local brands are competing and succeeding against brands that dominate globally.”


The rankings are drawn from interviews conducted between October 2019 and September 2020. Each day consumers are asked their view on 453 brands in KSA, which allows YouGov to build a picture of how different brands are perceived by the general public through comparing Index scores – which is a measure of overall brand health calculated by taking the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend and Reputation.

1Impression – whether someone has a positive or negative impression of a brand

Quality – a net measure of whether consumers think the brand represents good or poor quality

Value – a net measure of whether consumers think the brand represents good or poor value for money

Satisfaction – whether someone is a satisfied or dissatisfied customer

Recommend – whether someone would recommend a brand to a friend or not

Reputation – whether someone is proud or embarrassed to work for a brand

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