Profile Peek: UAE consumers who prefer brands that are sustainable

Profile Peek: UAE consumers who prefer brands that are sustainable

In recent years, UAE has deployed extensive efforts toward driving sustainability forward in the country. Not just on a macro level but individually UAE consumers are willing to take action on sustainability issues. 

YouGov Profiles data shows that 21% of UAE consumers prefer brands that are sustainable. Our latest Profile Peek sheds light on key demographic, attitudinal and behavioural patterns of this segment. 29% of this segment have purchased items from eBay and 33% have used TikTok within the last month. 

Download YouGov's latest Profile Peek on UAE consumers who prefer sustainable brands and discover: 

  • Their Demographics 

  • Retail brands they have purchased from 

  • Preferred mode of payment 

  • Media consumption behaviour 

  • Attitude towards advertising and sponsorship 

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About Profile Peeks:-

Drawing on data from across YouGov’s vast connected ecosystem, Profile Peeks are infographics that deep dive into a niche audience group segmented based on trending sector topics. Showcasing a range of behavioural and attitudinal insights they are designed to help brands and agencies get that little bit closer to the consumers they need to understand most. 

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