Get your voice heard by taking surveys and earn AirAsia BIG Points at the same time!

As a valued AirAsia BIG loyalty member, you make your voice heard by taking part in YouGov surveys and earn great rewards at the same time. With each YouGov survey you take, you earn YouGov points that can be converted to BIG Points for use towards AirAsia flights. The more surveys you want to do, the more miles you can earn: simple and fun!

It's free to join - Sign up now to instantly earn 250 BIG Points and stand a chance to win a further 50,000 BIG Points in our lucky draw!

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Register as a member, confirm your email and complete the welcome survey. Enter your AirAsia BIG SHOT ID in the survey.
Most surveys take between 5 and 10 minutes and are always anonymous.
Receive YouGov points after completing a survey!
Exchange YouGov points for AirAsia BIG Points!

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